Assessing with Grades

You can use the tool Grades in Brightspace to connect grades to submitted work. You can also display grades in an orderly manner in the Gradebook. Grades makes it possible to calculate grades automatically based on formulas. Grades do not have to be a number, it can also be a colour, text, or symbol. Grades do not have to be linked to an assignment, they can also be used separately.

The possibilities of Grades

  • Link an assessment to an Assignment, Discussion, or Quiz.
  • Easily register the attendance and participation.
  • Automatically calculate the final grade.
  • Create a clear overview of grades.
  • Let students receive a notification about a published assessment.


  • Students can only see their own grades.
  • H5P, Kaltura and Pitch2Peer grades can be shown in the Gradebook.
  • Grades can automatically calculate grades or do this based on your own formula.


  • Grades should also always be published in OSIRIS.
  • Developing a Gradebook can be complex.


Click here to read the manuals about creating and using Grades.


It can be difficult to create a Gradebook. Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you.