Course evaluations with Evalytics

Evalytics is an online tool that can be used to perform evaluations. Evalytics makes course evaluations as easy and accessible as possible for students. Lecturers can see all results in an orderly manner when they access their own online dashboard. You can also write your lecturer's reflection in Evalytics. Students will receive a notification of this right away. 

Evaluation after a lecture

Every student who is enrolled in your course through OSIRIS will automatically receive an invitation to fill out the course evaluation after the end of the final lecture. They will receive this invitation digitally, or via email, text, or through the app. The system will also send automatic reminders. The students fill out the evaluation in their own time. 

Evaluation during a lecture

You can have students fill out the evaluation in real time during the final lecture. Your students would have to use their computer or phone to access the Evalytics website or app and then enter your evaluation’s code. You can show the results on the screen in the classroom with the help of clear graphs. After filling out the evaluations you can discuss the results with your students. 

Creating an evaluation

Evalytics is connected to OSIRIS. The evaluations that have been prepared for your course will automatically be sent out to all students who are enroled in your course. You do not have to create new evaluations every time. The educational administration will fill the course evaluations with questions or forms from previous course evaluations. 

At the end of the course you can use your Radboud account data to log into Evalytics. Here you can view your results. You will see the average scores for every question, or view all answers for an individual question. You cannot view any data from other lecturers. The course coordinator does have access to the data from different lecturers.


Evalytics has published several Dutch manuals on their website.


Do you want to use Evalytics? Please contact your faculty’s key userFor other questions you can contact evalytics [at]