Creating surveys in Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a web-based tool you can use to administer surveys. It is easy to create your own survey. You can choose from multiple types of questions and have lots of freedom to tweak the survey to your liking. For example, you can apply randomisation to the order of your questions and answers or add your own videos and images to questions. The results are then easy to view in a structured manner and exportable to, for example, SPSS.

The Faculty of Arts, the Nijmegen School of Management and the Faculty of Social Sciences use Qualtrics. As a lecturer or student at these faculties, you can make an online account yourself.


  • Qualtrics is web-based. That means you can use this tool anytime, anywhere.
  • You have access to every possible type of question, randomisation and collaboration (you can work on a survey together, even as lecturer and student).
  • You can easily publish the results online, or export and save directly to SPSS or Excel. You can also report the data in an attractive manner.

Applying for an account

Are you a student at the Faculty of Arts, Nijmegen School of Management or the Faculty of Social Sciences and want to distribute a survey for the purpose of your Bachelor's and/or Master's thesis? Then also use Qualtrics and easily create the desired survey.

Manuals that help you get started with Qualtrics can be found on the Qualtrics support pages. I If you don't find what you're looking for in the manuals, you can contact the Qualtrics Support Center or ask a question in the Qualtrics Community forum. In both cases you must first log in with your standard Qualtrics login details.

To create a Qualtrics account, simply follow the steps below regarding the faculty you study at.

Did you accidentally create a Qualtrics account at another faculty?

  1. Check at which faculty you have this account. This can be seen in your browser's address bar when you're logged into the account.

    Faculty of Social Sciences =

    Nijmegen School of Management =

    Faculty of Arts =

  2. Send an email to the administrator in question (see below) with the request to delete your Qualtrics account. After your account has been deleted, you can create a new account at the correct faculty. 


For practical support, please check the Qualtrics support pages or the Qualtrics Community forum. In both cases you must first log in with your standard Qualtrics login details.

If you experience any problems with your account, send an email to

Faculty of Arts: qualtrics-let [at] (qualtrics-let[at]ru[dot]nl).

Nijmegen School of Management: Qualtrics-fdm [at] (qualtrics-fdm[at]ru[dot]nl).

Faculty of Social Sciences: william.vanderveld [at] (william[dot]vanderveld[at]ru[dot]nl).