Digital portfolio in Brightspace

Brightspace offers the possibility to create a personal digital portfolio called the ePortfolio. All lecturers and students who have access to Brightspace have an ePortfolio. The ePortfolio is not connected to one course in Brightspace, but is programme wide. In the ePortfolio, students can save and collect documents, links, and media. As the owner, you can share items from your ePortfolio with others.

The possibilities of the ePortfolio

  • Collect products for a longer period of time.
  • Share products with others and request feedback..
  • Categorise the products. 
  • Add awards and badges.
  • Create a presentation in the ePortfolio.
  • Add results from the digital Forms in the course.
  • Lecturers can share a generic presentation template with students.
  • Students can save the feedback for assignments. 
  • Assess products using rubrics.


There are several manuals available that can help you with setting up and using the ePortfolio.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point will be happy to help you with the ePortolio.