ePortfolio Portflow

Portflow is software for learning with an ePortfolio. All students and teachers with access to Brightspace can use Portflow. The ePortfolio is not tied to one course in Brightspace but can be used across courses and programmes. The student (learner) is the owner of their ePortfolio and decides who gets to view (parts of) the portfolio. 

The possibilities of the ePortfolio Portflow:

  • Collect materials over an extended period.
  • Setting goals and linking these to materials.
  • Arranging materials and goals in collections.
  • Sharing materials with others and asking for feedback.
  • Responding to received feedback.
  • Reflecting on your own work.
  • Requesting a baseline measurement on goals.
  • Request evaluations on your goals, with or without self-assessment.
  • Teachers can offer a predefined structure to students for their collections and goals. 


There are several manuals available that can help you with setting up and using Portflow. 


Your faculty’s  Teaching Information Point is happy to help you design portfolio learning with Portflow.