Feedback from fellow students with Pitch2Peer

Pitch2Peer is an online environment where students can post pitches and other (writing) assignments. For example, a video recording of a presentation, an educational video created by students, a speech or a blog. Pitch2Peer is linked to Brightspace and can thus be easily used in a course.

Peer feedback

You can use Pitch2Peer to let students learn from each other’s work and feedback. A student submits a product in Brightspace and Pitch2Peer makes it possible for fellow students to provide feedback and assess (anonymously).

You can provide students with criteria to guideline their feedback. Students can also award the best pitches with likes and medals. Lecturers can also provide feedback and assess pitches.


  • Students can upload a pitch to Brightspace and offer it to receive feedback.
  • An assessment or feedback can be added to Brightspace Grades.
  • It is possible to receive feedback anonymously. Please note: The person who gives the feedback does not remain anonymous. 


Pitch2Peer is linked to Brightspace, which makes it easy to add the tool to your course. Use the manual to add the tool to your course. If you use Pitch2Peer’s help button the use of the app will be explained to you step-by-step.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you design Pitch2Peer in your Brightspace course.