Tools for mathematics and statistics

The software offered in the field of mathematics and statistics makes it possible to easily analyse statistical data. In addition there are tools that offer students the possibility to practice mathematical and statistical formulas.


ATLAS.ti is a software programme used to analyse qualitative data. You can process different types of data; documents, audio clips, video clips, and photos. ATLAS.ti can thus also be used for ‘soft’ data, not just hard statistical data.

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Grasple is an online practice platform for mathematical and statistical courses on a university level. Students can use Grasple for mathematical and statistical exercises.

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SOWISO is a practice tool with which teachers can create complex mathematical and statistical exercises which can be used by students to practice individually and as frequently as they want.

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SPSS is a software programme that is often used within the social sciences. SPSS can be used to process and analyse large amounts of quantitative data.

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Stata is a software programme that can be used to statistically analyse quantitative data. The programme offers several features that can be used to analyse data, visualise data, and create reports.

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