Online lectures with Zoom

The software Zoom enables online classes and seminars. You can use the software for plenary meetings. It is also possible to divide the students into breakout rooms, where students can discuss topics in small groups. 

Radboud University has a license for Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars. All participants can see one another in a meeting. With webinars the participants cannot see one another - only the presenter is visible on the screen. 

Please note: From 1 September 2023, the license for Zoom will be gradually phased out. From 1 January 2024 you can no longer use Zoom with your Radboud account. View alternative software.

The possibilities of Zoom

  • Invite up to 300 participants for a meeting.
  • Invite up to 1000 participants for a webinar.
  • Share your screen.
  • Have participants share their screen.
  • (Let participants) create annotations on your shared screen.
  • Divide the participants into breakout rooms.
  • Record the session and share it on Brightspace.


  • You can work with guest speakers from outside Radboud University.
  • Participants do not need to have a Zoom account.

Points of attention

  • To host meetings and webinars you will need a Zoom account with a license. 
  • The Zoom account is not linked to your Radboud account.
  • If you want to share recordings you first have to upload them to Kaltura.
  • You cannot collaborate on a file during class.


There are several manuals that will help you use Zoom.


  • You can request a license at the ICT Service Centre
  • Contact the ICT Service Centre for help with technical questions.
  • Ask your Teaching Information Point for help with the implementation of Zoom in your education