Plagiarism checks with Ouriginal

You can use Ouriginal to check students’ submitted work for plagiarism. Ouriginal checks essays and assignments for plagiarism with the help of a large database of publications, internet sources, and materials previously uploaded to Ouriginal.

Privacy-sensitive information

The work students have submitted might contain privacy-sensitive information. This work will be used as a source for plagiarism checks for other submitted works both at and outside of Radboud University. Only Radboud University lecturers are able to view the content of the documents. Lecturers from a different institution will not be able to see these contents unless the owner of the source material provides explicit consent. This means that Ouriginal guarantees the protection of privacy-sensitive data.

Read Ouriginal’s privacy policy to learn more about the personal data Ouriginal uses and how they protect it.


Ouriginal is integrated in Brightspace. For each assignment you can turn the plagiarism check on via Activities > Ouriginal.

There are several manuals about the use of Ouriginal. 


Do you have questions about the use of Ouriginal or the analysis of a plagiarism report? Please contact your faculty’s Teaching Information Point.