Polling opinions using Wooclap

Wooclap is an online polling- and presentation tool which you can use to elicit responses from students. You present your students with questions and statements, which they can (anonymously) respond to on their phone or laptop. The results are visible immediately, allowing you to incorporate these into your lecture without delay. You log in to Wooclap with your Radboud account. That means you do not have to create a separate Wooclap account.

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Wooclap helps with

  • Collecting students’ questions and opinions in and out of class;
  • Making students participate actively and stimulating them: using Wooclap adds variety to a class;
  • Testing students’ prior knowledge on a certain subject and whether they are up to date on their reading;
  • Better preparing students for a class by making them take a poll before class starts;
  • Promoting group discussion. Poll results are visible immediately, as a result of which you can stimulate discussion;
  • Letting students answer questions anonymously. This way quieter students are also given a voice.

Good to know

  • Wooclap is web-based. This means you can use the tool anytime, anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet.
  • Wooclap lets you filter answers using a moderator interface, allowing you to instantly remove inappropriate answers from the poll.
  • You can download the results of a poll, so you can refer to them later.


  • Wooclap places standard cookies on your device. Only the minimum required amount of cookies are enabled.
  • If you are using Wooclap off-campus, the use of eduVPN is advised.  
  • Only log in to Wooclap if you are making a presentation. Participating in a presentation in Wooclap can be done anonymously and without an account.

Online instructions for Wooclap

Watch the recording of the online workshop


The Teaching Information Point of your faculty is happy to assist you with the use of Wooclap in your education.