Transferring Mentimeter presentations to Wooclap yourself

In order to meet privacy requirements, Radboud University is switching from Mentimeter to Wooclap. Wooclap is an interactive presentation software similar to Mentimeter. From December 2023, only Wooclap will be available for use. You can transfer existing presentations in Mentimeter yourself.


  1. Step 1 Open your presentation in Mentimeter

  2. Step 2 Open the first slide

  3. Step 3 Check which question type you have used

  4. Step 4 Go to the Wooclap website

    You can do that via this link.

  5. Step 5 Make a new event

  6. Step 6 Open the event and create the same question type in Wooclap

 Differences in question types

Question type in Mentimeter Question type in Wooclap
Multiple Choice with one or more correct answers Multiple Choice
Multiple Choice without correct answers Poll
Word Cloud

Word Cloud

Open Ended

Open question

Scales Rating
Ranking Sorting
100 points Prioritisation
Q&A -
2x2 Grid -
Quick Form -


Contact details

Would you like help with transferring? Make an appointment via wooclap [at] ()rel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank" with the support team that can help you transfer your presentations.