Tools to practice course material

The available software supports students in continuously practicing (basic) knowledge and making practice exams.


Lecturers can create assignments in Brightspace with the Assignments tool. Students can use this to submit text files and video files. Lecturers can then use Assignments to assess the submitted work and provide feedback for it.

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The software Cerego helps students study basic concepts online. It also lets students refresh on previously discussed material. You can use an online training to let students study material in a playful manner.

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Grasple is an online practice platform for mathematical and statistical courses on a university level. Students can use Grasple for mathematical and statistical exercises.

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H5P is a tool which allows you to create several interactive components for your learning environment, like a quiz or interactive video within your Brightspace course.

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You can use Quizzes to design practice assignments in Brightspace. Results can be shared with the students right away.

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Self Assessments

In Brightspace you can use Self Assessments to design practice assignments. In contrast to Quizzes the emphasis of Self Assessments is more on practicing without further obligations than on a score. 

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SOWISO is a practice tool with which teachers can create complex mathematical and statistical exercises which can be used by students to practice individually and as frequently as they want.

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Students can use TrainTool to practice their conversation skills. Students can also practice realistic situations with Smart Video Role Play.

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