Practice learning material with Cerego

The software Cerego helps students study basic concepts online. It also lets students refresh on previously discussed material. You can use an online training to let students study material required for your course in a playful manner. Think about basic concepts, procedures, and formulas. You can do this using flash cards, a quiz, fill-out exercises, or dragging questions. You can use images, sound bites and keywords. 

The idea is that students actively work with the learning material. Cerego motivates students to repeat the material. This highlights individual performances and progress. Cerego prevents cognitive overload by providing notifications stating whether it is (un)safe to start with an exercise. If the student has completed a set of items, they will receive a notification to go over the material at a later point. This will continue until the final level is achieved.


  • You can add the online training to Brightspace.
  • The question sets can be reused in a different course.
  • You can add images and sound or video fragments.


The value of Cerego for your education depends on your educational objectives. Do you want to discuss the possibilities, or do you need advice and support? Please contact Educational Design and Technology team.

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