Practice learning material with Quizzes

You can use Quizzes in Brightspace to create practice assignments. You can use the Question Library to prepare quizzes and divide them amongst different Quizzes. Brightspace will automatically assess Multiple Choice questions as well as other types of closed questions. The results can then be shared with the students right away. They can also be published in the Gradebook.

The functions of Quizzes

  • Create sections with a random question order.
  • Have Brightspace automatically assess certain types of questions.
  • Add conditions to an assessment, such as additional time or several attempts.
  • Use release conditions to create rules (if …, then …).
  • Communicate achieved results right away, including previously entered feedback.
  • Use the Question Library to create a question bank and rotate between various questions.


Read the manuals for more information about Quizzes.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you if you want to use Quizzes.