Practice mathematics and statistics with Grasple

Grasple is an online practice platform for mathematical and statistical courses on a university level. As a lecturer you can create your own lessons and exercises to share with your students. You can also use materials from the existing Grasple collection and adapt them. The answers the students provide will be automatically evaluated by Grasple. This makes it possible to provide specific feedback for exercises. It will also show the students how well they master the different course components.


With Grasple you can:

  • Design and reuse practice materials;
  • Provide the students with automatised feedback;
  • Use practice tests to show students where they are in the learning process.


Grasple is integrated into Brightspace, which means that you can easily add the tool to your course. Use the manual to get started with Grasple.


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you design Grasple in your Brightspace course.