Practice soft skills with TrainTool

With TrainTool, students can accessibly practice their skills (soft skills) online in a safe learning environment. Think of, for example, having conversations, giving and receiving feedback, and presenting. Students can also practice realistic situations with Smart Video Role Play.

TrainTool can replace skills trainings that are normally conducted live on campus. Ready-made programmes are offered by the application, but lecturers can also develop their own training.

The functions of TrainTool

  • Let large groups of students practice simultaneously with (course-)specific skills.
  • Let students practice easily and infinitely in a web browser or with the app.
  • Create a safe and secure environment for exchanging recorded video material.
  • Immediately provide (peer) feedback on the submitted assignments.
  • As lecturer you can add a ‘right now’ or ‘final’ measurement and thus track the progress of the skill.

Get started

Do you also want to use TrainTool? Request an account from your faculty’s Teaching Information Point. Together with the TIP staff, you can find out how to implement TrainTool in your course.

There are multiple manuals (in Dutch) available about the use of TrainTool.


Contact your faculty’s Teaching Information Point or Radboud Educational Clips (REC) if you want to use TrainTool in your education.