Reporting study progress in OSIRIS

OSIRIS is the online environment in which you can view student data and keep track of their study progress.

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  • You submit the grades from your students, also partial grades.
  • You grant approvals for courses and minors.
  • You can view the study progress from individual students. 
  • You can make notes about a student.
  • You can approve the data that is uploaded by prospective students.

Benefits of OSIRIS: 

  • You have an overview of the assessment results within your course.
  • You can make an overview (with portrait photos) of all course attendees.
  • It is a secured environment, in which the privacy of students is guaranteed. You log in with two-factor authentication
  • It depends on your faculty whether you have to submit the results yourself or if the student administration does that. 


Is there something that you don’t understand or are you curious to see what different functions OSIRIS has? Take a look at the manuals for teachers and advisors. 

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The OSIRIS key user of your faculty can help you if you want to use OSIRIS.