Testing knowledge with Self Assessments

In Brightspace you can use the tool Self Assessments to design practice assignments. Students can use these to test their knowledge. It is comparable to Quizzes, but it is more intended as a (short) practice test, with which students can test if they understand the learning material without further obligations. With Quizzes the emphasis is more on the score, which can also be included in the Gradebook. 

The functions of Self Assessments

  • Add questions from the Question Library or make up new questions. 
  • Add hints to the questions.
  • Add feedback per question. 
  • Make sure that the questions come by in a random order. 


  • It is a way to enable students to test their knowledge, without a score being attached. 
  • Students see your added feedback immediately after answering the question.  


  • If you don’t add feedback, students will not see what is right or wrong.  
  • As a teacher you cannot see the results of the students 
  • You cannot attach release conditions (For example: if …, then...). 
  • Self Assessments are not visible under Activities for students. That is why you have to manually add them under Content manually.  


Take a look at the manual if you want to know how to apply Self Assessments.  


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you if you want to use Self Assessments.