Remco Haringhuizen on peer feedback in communication education at the Medicine programme

Een portretfoto van Remco Haringhuizen
I created my own programme as a preparatory assignment for a work group, after which students attended with better communication skills
Remco Haringhuizen
Current role
Lecturer practitioner

Remco Haringhuizen works as a general practitioner in training at UGC Heyendael. Thirteen years ago, he already graduated as a general practitioner, and the last few years he has worked as a physician at a custodial clinic, and as a lecturer practitioner at Radboud University. He also keeps busy with improving students' communication skills with the use of Traintool, developed by Remco himself.

In the communication education at the Medicine programme, feedback plays a large and important role. In the usual setting, students practice conversations with simulation patients, during which a lecturer is sometimes present. Afterwards, the student will receive feedback from the simulation patient, fellow students, and the attending lecturer. Traintool is a programme in which giving feedback is made easy while the student is still being stimulated, which leads to a better process of giving and receiving feedback.