Video in education

Radboud University has several services and tools available that use video to offer your education in a different way.


Kaltura is a video platform you can use through Brightspace. You can use it to add videos, such as educational clips, to your course. You can also edit videos or add quiz questions.

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Teams Meetings

Teams Meetings allows for online lectures and seminars. You can use the software for plenary meetings and it is possible to divide students into breakout rooms. There, they can discuss among themselves in small groups. Teams Meetings will replace Zoom from September 2023 onwards.

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Virtual Classroom

You can use Virtual Classroom in Brightspace to organise digital meetings with students in a course. You can use the tool for plenary meetings, but it is also possible to divide the students into breakout rooms.

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Weblectures are lectures that are recorded on campus using a weblecture set. Depending on what a lecturer chooses, a weblecture can be watched after the lecture is over or also watched live via a livestream link.

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Do you have a question or are you looking for more information? Radboud Educational Clips (REC) or your faculty's Teaching Information Point is more than happy to help you.