Video in your education with Kaltura

Kaltura is a video platform you can use through Brightspace. You can use it to add videos, such as educational clips, to your course. You can also edit videos or add quiz questions. Kaltura consists of several tools including a ‘course gallery' where you can create a gallery of videos, ‘capture’ which allows you to create video recordings, and ‘my media’ where you can edit and manage videos.

Record videos with Kaltura Capture

Kaltura Capture makes it possible for students and lecturers to record their own videos in Brightspace. You can use this tool to combine sound, webcam images, and a powerpoint or screen recording in one recording. 

Share videos through the Kaltura Course Gallery

The Course Gallery makes it possible to create an overview of all videos relevant for the course. You can also let students share videos with each other.

Edit videos with Kaltura My Media

Within Kaltura My Media you can easily edit and manage videos. You can, for example, cut videos to length, add subtitles, create screen recordings or add quiz questions to a video. You can also use My Media to post your videos in Brightspace.

Kaltura for students

Students also have a Kaltura environment in Brightspace where they can upload and edit video material.


There are manuals that can help you with using Kaltura.


Radboud Educational Clips (REC) or your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you use Kaltura in your education.