Viewing your timetable with Syllabus+

You can use Syllabus+ to view your personal timetable. 

Log in to Syllabus+ 

Viewing your timetable

You can add timetables by clicking on the button ‘Add timetable’ at the top right. You can choose to add the timetable belonging to a course, a study programme, a staff member or a group of students. 

Benefits of Syllabus+

  • You can easily integrate your timetable into Outlook or another digital calendar by clicking at the button ‘Connect calendar’ at the top right. 
  • You can manually add extra courses, study programmes or groups to your timetable. 


Is there something that you don’t understand? Take a look at the manuals and frequently asked questions


Your faculty’s Teaching Information Point can help you if you want to use Syllabus+.