Lecturer development

On this page you will find an overview of all courses for teachers. In many cases, these courses are provided by the Radboud-wide Education Support department.

Twee studenten in een onderwijszaal

University Teaching Qualification

The University Teaching Qualification (UTQ) is proof of the didactic competence of lecturers in academic education. Here you can read how to obtain your BKO at Radboud University.

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Courses and trainings

The course offer below contributes to the attainment of your University Teaching Qualification.

Course Education in a Nutshell

During this course you will learn more about your role as a beginning academic lecturer and go into the didactic basics of academic education.

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Course about Course Design

During this course, you will learn how to improve the design of your own course. You do this creatively, using theories about active learning, (formative) feedback, the functioning of the brain, and evaluating your education.

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Training Thesis and internship supervision

During the Training Thesis and internship supervision you learn more about the didactical background of thesis and internship supervision.

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Coaching in the role of the lecturer

During this training you will focus on the coaching relationship between lecturer and student, group process, and conversational skills. 

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Course Assessment and learning

During this course you will dive deeper into the relation between assessment and learning and what role assessment plays in education.

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Course Starting to Teach

During this course you will actively engage with the basic didactic principles of guiding tutorials (seminars, workgroups).

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Training educational videos

During this training you will discuss the signs of a good educational video, learn how you can use the clips in your course and learn how to create a good multimedia presentation.

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Self-study modules

These self-study modules enable you to work on your development in your own time and at your own pace.

Self-study modules in Brightspace

These interactive self-study modules on Brightspace take you through the basics of a particular theme, such as peer feedback, blended learning or learning objectives. You can also sign up for a basic training Brightspace. These modules consist of background information, clear instructions on how to use the theme within your courses, examples from colleagues and a forum to share experiences and learning materials.

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E-learning course lecturing in English

During this online self-study course from Radboud in'to Languages you will be encouraged to think about the needs of international students and how you teach in English.

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Special Interest Groups

Do you want to explore education-related themes together with colleagues? And discuss with like-minded people about new insights into education? Perhaps participating in a Special Interest Group of the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre is something for you!


Do you have any questions or are you looking for more information? The Teaching Information Point of your faculty will be happy to assist you.