In conversation with a coach

Are you struggling with something in your education? Think, for example, of problems with social safety, time management or a home situation that affects your education. A confidential coaching session can help you get a grip on the situation. 

You will have a conversation with an experienced coach who works at Radboud University, but is not affiliated with a faculty. This can be a way for you to vent or find out if you need more help with something. The coaching session does not serve as a substitute for a conversation with a confidential advisor.  

Target audience

The coaching is available to all lecturers at Radboud University. The session is free of charge. You can make use of a coaching session a maximum of three times a year. Depending on your preference, the conversation can take place digitally or physically.


You will have a one-time conversation with the coach. Together you will explore what is needed in your situation. A conversation takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Maybe this conversation is sufficient for you. Otherwise, the coach can refer you to other people inside or outside Radboud University who can help you further. The core of your problem does not necessarily have to come from your education, but it does have to be education-related, for example a private situation that hinders you in your work as a teacher.  

The content of the conversation is not recorded in any way. Your application will be sent directly to the coach. All information you provide will be treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.  

Request a session

You can request a session with the coach by sending an e-mail. Use 'Request coaching session' as the subject. In the email, briefly describe what issue you are facing and what you would like to discuss. Also mention if you prefer a digital or physical conversation.  

The coach will try to respond to your message within 72 hours.  

inge.hindriks [at] (Send an email to the coach)