Course Assessment and learning

Content of the course

During the course:

  • You will learn more about the way assessment influences how students learn.
  • You will gain insight into how you can use assessment to stimulate students’ learning and empower students to direct their own learning process.
  • You will gain insight into the role assessment plays in education.
  • You will learn more about the background of assessment and appraisal.
  • You will learn what activities take place during the different phases of the assessment process.
  • You will learn what you can do to improve the quality of an assessment.

Target audience

Starting, but also experienced lecturers who want to gain more insight into their assessment.

Method during the course

The course consists of two meetings of 3 hours and preparation that takes around 3 hours. During these meetings and with the help of assignments that tie in with your own education, you will work on improving your assessments. Upon successful completion, you will receive a proof of participation. The training will be in English, unless all participants speak Dutch.


Participation is free.

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