Practicing educational situations with an actor

Does supervision of your students not go smoothly? Do you want to engage in a difficult conversation, but are you unsure of how to approach this? Of have you ever wanted to practice a certain situation without consequences?

By experiencing what works for you, you expand your possibilities of putting it into practice with the student(s) in question. To do this, you can work with an actor who will help you reenact your educational situations so you can see what happens. You get to see the reaction you provoke yourself in her behaviour. This way, you can unashamedly try new behaviour to see what it can yield.

Working method

Before the appointment, you need to hand in the document at the bottom of this page. During the appointment, you'll discuss what you want to focus on together with the actor. You can practice all sorts of situations with a training actor. For example, questions or situations such as:

  • Finding out what situation your student is in;
  • Providing oral feedback;
  • Making sure that the students takes more control and directs their own learning process;
  • Gaining insight into how a student learns and what the student needs from you when it comes to supervision;
  • Monitoring your own limits (e.g. time) during supervision.

Based on your input, the training actor will do their best to empathise with the person you want to practice with, and together you'll reenact the situation. You'll immediately receive feedback on what your behaviour does with the training actor.

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