Radboud Honours Academy for teachers

The Radboud Honours Academy is always on the lookout for lecturers who want to look beyond the regular curriculum. Would you like to provide interdisciplinary teaching, explore a topic in depth with motivated students or be involved in educational innovation? If this sounds like you, read on!

As a lecturer, you may feel that the existing curriculum doesn’t always allow for an adequate scope to respond to current developments, or to experiment with new teaching methods such as think tanks and studios. At the Radboud Honours Academy, you’ll find every opportunity to do this! You can then take the experience you have gained and further develop and shape your own teaching.

The small-scale nature of the Honours education allows students and lecturers to work together in new ways. This often involves small groups, where students help shape the programme and where students and lecturers learn from one other. The Honours Academy offers students a range of options, which vary in intensity and purpose. The lecturer's role is also different for each mode of instruction.

Your role as a lecturer in an Honours lab is similar to that in the Honours programmes; you will always work with small groups of students and you will have a primarily coaching role. You will also be closely involved in the development of teaching, with your own ideas about education as the point of departure. Together with programme coordinators at the Honours Academy and/or other (external) experts, you will then develop these ideas further to create an inspirational Honours lab.

In addition to the faculty and university honours programmes, Radboud Honours Academy also offers educational projects where you collaborate with students from other educational institutions in Nijmegen. These institutions include: Regional Education Centre (ROC) Nijmegen, Yuverta senior secondary vocational education (MBO) and HAN University of Applied Sciences (HAN). These projects are characterised by considerable social significance and always involve collaboration with the Municipality of Nijmegen and/or social partners from Nijmegen. All of the participating students join forces to think about how they can contribute to solutions to social issues. This is a unique opportunity to work with students and lecturers from other educational institutions so that you can learn together and also learn from one another.  

The different forms of education are explained below.



What defines an honours student? 

Based on interviews with honours students, honours teachers, programme directors and members of the honours executive board, a vision of the honours student at Radboud University has been developed. Based on three themes, this video explains to which student an honours programme or lab fits.


If you have an innovative idea about teaching that you would like to develop and try out with motivated students? Please contact us:

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Esther Fluijt  
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