Special Interest Groups

A Special Interest Group (SIG) consists of people who are united through their interest in an education-related topic. The Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre facilitates the SIG so they can research and delve deeper into the subject together.

Ongoing Special Interest Groups

  • The Future of the Mind in a Digital Society | Lecture and conversation with lawyer and behavioral neuroscientist Emily Murphy and brain scientist Alan Sanfey

    SIG Neurodiversity in education

    In this SIG, we will discuss and explore a number of questions about the possible implications of neurodiversity for higher education.

  • Groep studenten aan het werk buiten op de campus

    SIG Academic (Learning) Communities

    In this SIG the participants will focus on learning in communities. They want to bundle initiatives, make them accessible, and facilitate knowledge sharing and inspiration sessions.

  • People who are drawing and writing on a white paper.

    SIG Educational vision of students

    In this SIG students and lecturers share their experiences and knowledge about an active role of students in educational innovation.

  • Een door Midjourney gegenereerde afbeelding van een robot die een werkstuk schrijft.

    SIG AI and education

    In this SIG, participants from different faculties and disciplines share their knowledge of AI and education.

  • Een foto van drie laptops naast elkaar

    SIG Blended and Online Education

    In this SIG, participants share their knowledge and experiences in blended and online education and are committed to creating an infrastructure that can support this form of education at Radboud University.

  • Foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal met twee laptops voor zich.

    SIG Effective studying

    In this SIG, lecturers reflect on the meaning of effective studying and how to make the importance of study skills in education known to study programmes at Radboud University.

  • Een ingezoomde foto van een hand die een rode pen vasthoudt en op een kladblok schrijft.

    SIG Personal and professional development

    In this SIG, lecturers, educational support staff and students come together to exchange knowledge on which skills can be addressed in which way and with which guidance in a personal and professional development learning line.

  • Een foto van de zonnepanelen op het dak van het Maria Montessorigebouw. In de achtergrond zie je het Erasmusgebouw.

    SIG Sustainability

    In this SIG, participants will focus on questions revolving around the relationship between teaching, sustainability (defined as care for all forms of life), and sustainable development.

  • Een grote groep getekende en gekleurde poppetjes

    SIG Interdisciplinary education

    In this SIG, participants share and develop their expertise and experiences on the topic of interdisciplinary education.

  • Studenten die studeren in de Universiteitsbibliotheek

    SIG Learning research

    In this SIG, lecturers can share their expertise and experiences on learning and education and further develop their teaching skills together.

  • Een foto van drie studenten in een klaslokaal in het Huygensgebouw. Een jongen wijst naar iets op de tafel, twee andere studenten kijken ernaar en lachen. In de voorgrond staat een laptop.

    SIG Safe learning and development

    In this SIG, students, lecturers, and other employees can share their experiences and expertise regarding safe learning and development with each other.

  • Jongeren die gamen met vrienden bouwen sterkere banden op

    SIG Designing Learning Experiences

    In this SIG, participants think about implementing and intertwining analog and/or digital games or game elements in our education.