News for lecturers

  • Simon Tans

    Column Simon Tans: You have a part to play

    Our society is facing enormous challenges and our future is starting to look more and more grim. If we still want to turn the tide, the different disciplines within our society will need to work together.

  • Amber Gersjes op de judomat

    High-performance sports and studying: how do you combine that?

    Amber Gersjes (25) is one of 92 students who combine their studies at Radboud University with their life as a top athlete or top-level talent in arts and culture. In doing so, they are supported by the top sports or top talent arrangement.

  • College gender multiculturaliteit

    New agreement on reuse of copyrighted material

    The Dutch Universities (UNL) and the UvO Foundation, which represents publishers among others, have reached a new agreement on the reuse of texts and images in educational materials.

  • Portret Boris van Meurs

    The educational passion of Boris van Meurs

    As a counterpart to 'educational burdens', each month we invite a lecturer to talk about their educational passion. This month, Boris van Meurs, PhD candidate and lecturer, talks about what energises him in his teaching.

  • Illustratie van iemand die achter een laptop zit.

    Open education: tools to get started

    On 11 April, Team Open Education published a LibGuide on Open Educational Resources (OER). This is a manual for lecturers who want to develop open learning materials themselves or who want to use material created by others in their education.

  • Comeniusgebouw B

    Informational meetings Comenius programme

    A new application round for the Comenius grants will start in June. In anticipation of the call for proposals, the Radboud Teaching and Learning Centre is organising informational meetings for lecturers thinking about applying.

  • Lia Fluit

    Column Lia Fluit: Evidence-based education does not exist!

    This headline in ScienceGuide immediately grabbed my attention. For years, I've struggled with the term evidence-based. It creates the illusion that there is a perfect way of providing education, and that it is only a matter of proving that.

  • Een portretfoto van docente Serena Daalmans voor de ingang van het Maria Montessorigebouw

    The educational passion of Serena Daalmans

    As a counterpart to 'educational burdens', each month we invite a lecturer to talk about their educational passion. This month, Serena Daalmans, associate professor at the Communication Science programme, tells us what energises her in teaching.

  • Berchmanianum campus Radboud Universiteit

    Second registration round new UTQ track underway

    You can now sign up for a start with the new UTQ track in academic year 2023-2024. If you want to get started on obtaining your UTQ during the academic year 2023-2024, you must sign up.

  • Banner Onderwijsdagen - Vandaag opleiden voor morgen

    Recap of The Education Days 2023

    The Education Days 2023 are over. Watch the keynotes and talk shows back whenever you like on the YouTube channel. And mark the next edition on your calendar: 18 to 21 March 2024.

  • Portretfoto Jan Bransen

    Column Jan Bransen: Ignorance as an intellectual virtue

    To continue learning throughout your life, you have to constantly stimulate and challenge yourself. According to Jan Bransen, Socrates already knew how to do this 2,400 years ago: keep questioning yourself. But how do you apply this in education?

  • Een foto van universitair docent Thomas Niederkofler in een bibliotheek.

    The educational passion of Thomas Niederkofler

    As a counterpart to 'educational burdens', each month we invite a Radboud lecturer to talk about their educational passion. This month, associate professor Thomas Niederkofler tells us what energises him in teaching.