News for lecturers

  • Berchmanianum campus Radboud Universiteit

    Second registration round new UTQ track underway

    You can now sign up for a start with the new UTQ track in academic year 2023-2024. If you want to get started on obtaining your UTQ during the academic year 2023-2024, you must sign up.

  • Portretfoto Jan Bransen

    Column Jan Bransen: Ignorance as an intellectual virtue

    To continue learning throughout your life, you have to constantly stimulate and challenge yourself. According to Jan Bransen, Socrates already knew how to do this 2,400 years ago: keep questioning yourself. But how do you apply this in education?

  • Een foto van universitair docent Thomas Niederkofler in een bibliotheek.

    The educational passion of Thomas Niederkofler

    As a counterpart to 'educational burdens', each month we invite a Radboud lecturer to talk about their educational passion. This month, associate professor Thomas Niederkofler tells us what energises him in teaching.

  • Studenten op de campus

    Academic citizenship: Research on civic education at universities

    Marlies Honingh and Floor Basten are researching academic citizenship. What role does an academic play in our society? And how do you learn to act in such a diverse setting?

  • studenten in collegezaal

    Diversifying or decolonising your education: ‘Beauty in discomfort’

    Many lecturers think about diversifying or decolonising their education. Kiki Kolman and Tjidde Tempels as well. They are both lecturers at the Political Science programme and were allowed to redesign their course A History of Political Thought.

  • Simon Tans

    Column Simon Tans: Anonymous sabotage

    This semester, Simon Tans gets to teach another series of lectures for first-year law students. He uses Mentimeter for this, but that doesn't always go without problems.

  • Portret van Charan van Krevel

    The educational passion of Charan van Krevel

    As a counterpart to 'educational burdens', each month we invite a Radboud lecturer to talk about their educational passion. This month, Charan van Krevel tells us what energises him in teaching.

  • Lia Fluit

    Column Lia Fluit: A winning lottery ticket?

    A winning lottery ticket, who wouldn't want that? Even when it concerns serious matters? Your studies, for example?

  • Erasmusgebouw

    The UTQ is going to change, read here what this means for you

    In March, the pilot for a new UTQ track will start. In this new working method, the supervisory part of the UTQ will mainly take place at your own faculty. Applications for participating in the pilots are open until 1 March 2023.

  • Studenten zitten achter elkaar en maken digitaal tentamen

    New: Using SPSS, Word, Excel or PowerPoint during digital assessments

    It is now possible to use SPSS, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint during digital assessments conducted via the software Cirrus. This enables students to use these programmes, which they normally use during the course, during a digital assessment as well.

  • Portretfoto van Liesbet Veenstra

    The educational passion of Liesbet Veenstra

    As a counterpart to 'teaching burden', every month we ask a Radboud lecturer for his or her 'teaching enthusiasm'. This month, Liesbet Veenstra tells us what energises her in teaching.

  • Een opengeslagen boek en een oranje muur

    Radboud University is participating in edusources pilot

    Radboud University has been participating in the edusources pilot since October 2022. The goal of edusources is to make high-quality digital learning materials from higher education publicly available.