Developing Academic Skills

How do you assist students in developing their academic skills? Within the university, there are several initiatives that provide help in this regard, such as the writing centre Radboud Writing Lab, the e-learning The Write Space and the card game Skill Deck.

Radboud Writing Lab  

The Radboud Writing Lab helps students to become better academic writers. Students can attend free workshops, writing weeks and one-to-one meetings with a writing coach. These writing coaches are peers (fellow students trained for this purpose), which makes the writing help accessible, equal and non-directive. 

On the Radboud Writing Lab website, you can find promotional materials that you can use to promote the Writing Lab to students. 

The Write Space 

The Write Space, designed by Radboud in'to Languages and the Radboud Writing Lab, is an e-learning on academic writing. There are two versions: one for teachers and one for students.  

The Write Space for teachers  

In The Write Space for teachers, you will learn how to encourage the development of your students' academic writing skills and how to provide objective, personalised and time-efficient feedback on texts. The e-learning consists of four modules, including 'Designing writing lessons' and 'Giving efficient feedback'. You open The Write Space by clicking 'Help' in Brightspace and then 'Discover'. 

The Write Space for students 

The Write Space for students consists of 6 modules, including 'Structure and cohesion' and 'Flawless Dutch'. Students can work through these modules independently, but you can also integrate them into your teaching, for example by giving a module as a homework assignment. Students gain access to The Write Space by registering via Osiris. As a teacher, you can also register by clicking 'Help' in Brightspace and then 'Discover'. 

Skill Deck  

The Skill Deck, designed by associate professor of Cognitive Psychology Frank Léoné, helps students to develop their academic skills. By using the skill cards, students get a clear idea of what skills exist, can reflect on their own skills and come to a better understanding of their progress. 

The cards can be used for self-reflection, peer feedback and conversations with teachers/supervisors. You can request the card games from Frank Léoné. 



Do you have questions or are you looking for more information? Your faculty's Teaching Information Point will assist you.  

If you have any questions about The Write Space, please contact the Radboud Writing Lab.