Making a good start at Radboud University

This page contains practical tips to help you find your way around Radboud University during your first week of work.

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Your ICT

Your supervisor will tell you which systems you have access to. If you would like to know more about other ICT-related matters, such as setting up your Wi-Fi, working from home or sharing files, click on the button below.

Learn more about ICT

Insurance and pension

Radboud University offers a number of insurance policies that you can use. You will accrue pension with ABP. If you would like to transfer any previously accrued pension, you can do so within three months of starting your job at Radboud University.

Disability Income Insurance

All employees of the university will automatically participate in Loyalis' Collective Disability Income Insurance. This insures you against loss of income should you become unfit for work.

ANW shortfall insurance

Radboud University has a collective contract with insurer elipsLife for ANW shortfall insurance. You can apply voluntarily.

Report a change to your pension fund

Has something changed in your personal situation that has an impact on your pension, such as getting married, getting divorced or moving? In that case, notify the ABP pension fund of this change.

Collective healthcare insurance

As an employee, you can join Radboud University's collective health insurance with VGZ. Thanks to the collectivity, you can receive broader reimbursements for physiotherapy, prevention budget and dental care.

Follow our news and stay involved

Radboud University has various channels that it uses to inform its staff members and keep them involved. You can follow us on social media, create an account on the Radboud Recharge website so that you can see all of our science articles or follow Vox, which is Radboud University’s independent magazine.

Radboud University and social media

Radboud University is active on several social media platforms. You can share news and announcements through these channels.

Update your LinkedIn profile

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LinkedIn photo banner

You can give your LinkedIn profile more of a Radboud University look by using one of the photo banners. This will help you to convey an even stronger message about the fact that you work at Radboud University.

Information for specific target groups

Use the buttons below to find the information that is relevant to your job position.

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