Foto campussessie
Foto campussessie

First three months

You’ve started your new job and you’re now working at your new workplace. During the first phase, you’ve already started to find your way around campus. There is a lot more information that will prove to be useful during the early stages of your employment at the university. Below you will find a number of useful links to different things that you may need to deal with.

Twee vrouwen zitten buiten op de campus te overleggen

How we interact with each other at the university


We are all spokespersons of Radboud University and we all take responsibility for our own actions. Important questions that we constantly need to ask are questions about how we interact with each other, whether we really listen to each other and how everyone is doing. The university has a Code of Conduct that sets out the principles for staff behaviour.

HR system BASS

BASS is Radboud University's HR system. Applying for leave is done through BASS, but you can also use it to submit expense claims, fill in the selection model and you find your HR correspondence here. This knowledge clip will give you a quick overview of the functionalities of BASS.

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What to do if you run into a problem

Radboud University helps staff members who, for one reason or another, require assistance so that they feel comfortable at work. There are various professionals who you can consult.

Meeting up with colleagues on campus

The university has various networks, clubs and associations that you can join. They are great places for meeting up with your colleagues outside of work.