Onderdeelcommissie 2023-2024 van FSW
Onderdeelcommissie 2023-2024 van FSW

A glance at the Representative Council

Recently, the educational vision of Radboud University has been announced in which, among other things, the value of international education is emphasised. However, this is not in line with the Herzberger motion in the House of Representatives, which wants to reduce English-language education. How can this be reconciled?

The educational vision of Radboud University has recently been announced. This document describes important aspects of the future vision the board has for our university.

One of our focal points from this vision, concerns 'internationalisation'. The vision emphasises the great value of offering international education and having a diverse campus. At the same time, a motion in the House of Representatives (Hetzberger motion), calls for reducing the use of the English language in higher education. Two visions at odds, it seems. We pointed out to the Faculty Board (FB) that both Dutch and international colleagues are concerned about what it concretely means for them and the quality of education, and we asked the FB to clarify this as soon as possible.

Another important topic is keeping procedures, rules and information communicated from the board transparent and understandable. For example, it recently emerged that the job title in a procedural description of a proposed appointment was different from the old faculty regulations. This made it unclear whether the FGV needed to be heard regarding the appointment or not. The FB had already started to re-examine certain aspects, but upon our advice, they have given the matter higher priority. The revised faculty regulations will be submitted to the FGV for approval before summer.

A more recent agenda item concerns the university-wide BKO pilot. Due to various reasons (e.g. the lack of enough coaches), this course will be discontinued for (at least) the next 6 months. Naturally, colleagues who participated in this pilot are concerned. We have formulated some concrete questions and submitted them to the board. We will keep you informed!

A frequent topic on the agenda concerns our 'Green Pavilion’, the Maria Montessori building. In previous years, the necessary adjustments have been made to make the building more user-friendly. For example: foil on the windows of offices, carpets against noise pollution on the first floor, temperature management. The RC would like to hear about your experiences and ask you to mail them to us.

The RC is the voice of all employees within the Faculty of Social Sciences. Do you have an issue or suggestion you would like to discuss? Then email to OC [at] socsci.ru.nl (OC[at]socsci[dot]ru[dot]nl.)