Rob van Lier
Rob van Lier

A new beginning - Column Rob van Lier

'A new beginning', I type in; my first column as a brand-new Vice Dean. I've been here for some time now, in different functions and roles, and after so many years, I've seen and experienced a lot. I thought I pretty much knew the organisation, but then again, what I had lived through was just a corner of the 'building', so to speak.

During the first few days as Vice Dean, you are suddenly confronted with the entire faculty organisation: the division of roles, the units, the sub-units, the sub-sub-units, the financial flows, the study associations, the files, the meetings, more meetings, but above all, the abbreviations. For every unit, sub-unit or meeting, there is an abbreviation. The first weeks were downright overwhelming. You get to know the faculty even better, inside and out, how it is embedded in the larger (university) world and how it sometimes cares about the smallest details. However, as well as all of this, you learn how this organisation is propelled forward time and again by a fantastic collection of people.

It is incredible how it all runs, day to day, year to year. This only flourishes for a long time if good agreements are made, if there is a positive attitude that enables cooperation, if there is connection, if the environment is safe and if everyone feels at home. The faculty also only prospers in the long run by showing sensitivity to the increasingly rapid changes in society. New developments and insights with consequences for the nature of our education and research, as well as how we treat each other, constantly demand appropriate actions and well-considered choices. I look forward to contributing to that!

- Rob van Lier
Vice Dean

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