Above-average rating for Master's programmes in Master's Choice Guide

In the Keuzegids Masters (Master's Choice Guides), students rate master's programmes at Radboud University. Six master's programmes at the Faculty of Arts received above-average scores on three or more topics in 2024. Another 13 master's programmes at Radboud University were also rated above average.

Based on the results of the National Student Survey (NSE) 2023, the Keuzegids Masters (Master's Choice Guides) compares all master's programmes at Dutch universities. It looks at five core subjects (content, teachers, testing, career preparation and atmosphere).

Within the Faculty of Arts, the following six programmes receive an above-average score on at least three core subjects:

1. History

2. Literature

3. Linguistics and Communication Sciences (research)

4. Linguistics

5. Education in Human and Social Sciences

6. Education in Language and Cultural Sciences

The research master's Linguistics and Communication Sciences even scored above average on all five points. The two educational master's programmes Education in Human and Social Sciences and Education in Language and Culture Sciences, a collaboration with the Radboud Teachers Academy, also scored above average in three subjects, with career preparation receiving the highest attainable score. The master's specialisations of Literature have been scoring well for years and also received a bronze Elsevier Medal of 'EW Beste Studies' at the end of 2023.

In all six programmes, lecturers are also rated above average. We want to thank all the lecturers who contribute to this on a daily basis.