College Boeddhisme door Paul van der Velde
College Boeddhisme door Paul van der Velde

Announcement Virtual International Collaboration Projects for teachers

Would you like to work together with an international partner on developing education? Are you interested in starting a virtual international collaboration in higher education? Then we are pleased to announce the opening of a next funding round for Virtual International Collaboration Projects (VIS): between 1 September and 30 September the call for proposals will be open again.  

Virtual International Cooperation Projects (shortened VIS in Dutch) provide research universities and universities of applied sciences with the opportunity to let their students gain international experience while residing in the Netherlands. With a subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science it is possible to set up or improve VIS projects. In addition to financial support, advice and training courses for lecturer are also available.   

What is a Virtual International Collaboration Project (VIS)? 

  • A collaboration between (a lecturer from) Radboud University with (a lecturer from) one or more international partner universities, which takes place within the existing curriculum. It is possible to work together with the international partner for one or two activities within a course, but also to develop education together.   
  • It may concern a collaboration that has not yet started, but you are also invited to bring in existing collaborations which you would like to improve.  
  • It is emphatically about co-creation and reflection among students. Radboud students must come to insights and/or work towards a final product in mixed groups with students from the partner institution(s). As such, the subsidy cannot be used for MOOCs.  

What is the subsidy scheme? 

A one-off amount of €15,000, which may be spent on: 

  • Designing, developing and implementing or revising the VIS 
  • The scheduling of lecturers and education experts for the development/revision and contact with the partner institution(s) 
  • The scheduling of people within the RU with additional expertise, such as: 
    - A person with specific expertise to make thematic connections with other subjects or programmes;
    - A person with a good network within which an assignment can be carried out;
    - A colleague with experience in the field of virtual internationalized education;
    - A colleague with experience in reflecting with students on intercultural competences;
    - A person with experience in the field of project work. 
  • The subsidy scheme runs from 2021 to 2024, with two application rounds per year.  

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Training and support for setting up a VIS 

In September, VIS in Higher Education (VIS in het HO) will start a new round of training for teachers interested in designing and implementing a VIS project.  These take place between 12 September and 27 November. Register before the deadline to secure your place. More information about the various support initiatives offered can be found on the website. In addition, at Radboud University, we are there to support lecturers in their grant application. Please reach out to Maia Kiknadze via maia.kiknadze [at] 

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