Apply for STAP budget on time

Do you want to start a training course which will not be fully reimbursed by Radboud University? Than the STAP budget (job market position stimulus) might be an option for you. Be on time because the government makes a limited budget available every two months. We communicated last week that you had to apply for the previous period before 1 July. Unfortunately, the STAP budget had already run out by then. The next application period starts on 1 July at 10 am.

With the STAP budget, the government wants to offer everyone the opportunity to take more control over their career development. This will give workers and job seekers more opportunities to keep their job or to find a new job.

STAP budget

Workers and job seekers can apply to the government for funding for training and development for a maximum amount of €1,000. You can use this funding to participate in a training programme, study programme, or take courses to remain employable in the job market.

If you want to know whether your course is related to the STAP budget, check the STAP training register. Our university also offers courses and trainings for which you can use the STAP budget, such as language training, Positive Psychology, Sustainability and Strategy and Moderating. Enter 'Radboud' at the name of the training provider in the training register, and you will see which Radboud University courses participate in STAP.

You must have applied for your STAP budget at least 4 weeks before the start date of the course or training and your course or training must start no later than 3 months after the relevant application period. 

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