Appointment of Professor Loes Wauters by Special Appointment

Recently, at the request of the Faculty Board and on the advice of the Appointment Advisory Committee, the Executive Board decided to appoint Loes Wauters by special appointment for "Education and upbringing surrounding hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents" from 1st April 2023.

The field of study focuses on the upbringing and education of hearing-impaired and deaf children and adolescents. Deaf and hard-of-hearing children and adolescents have reduced access to auditory information, which can affect spoken language development, as well as cognitive development, socio-emotional development and the development of school skills such as literacy. Research within this unique field focuses on development within these domains and their relationships. The field of study will be embedded at the BSI research institute and the Pedagogical Sciences programme.

This is made possible in part by Koninklijke Kentalis.

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