wandelende collega's
wandelende collega's

Balance stress and relaxation

Do you recognise that you feel tense? That you find it hard to concentrate? Or think 'taking a break, what's that'? You bang on all day and when you get home you plop down on the sofa and there's really no oomph left for fun things. Fatigue, irritability, poor sleep (grinding & brooding) are familiar to you.

If you recognise yourself in this, take part in the workshop 'Vital at work with relaxation and stress' (in Dutch). The AMD organises this workshop on several Thursdays (9 AM to 1 PM) and it consists of two parts.

After the workshop

  • You will have information on what exactly stress is and why it is unhealthy;
  • Know what your energy-givers and energy-eaters are for you personally;
  • Start putting your insights and what you have learned into practice. Corporate social work can support this if required. In this way, your growth process is further guaranteed;
  • In an interactive way, you will be shown what the first good step is for you on your way to more relaxation and balance;
  • You will be given practical tips & tools to make positive changes;
  • You go home with a concrete action plan.

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