Een medewerker pakt koffie
Een medewerker pakt koffie

Bring your own cup instead of disposable cups

From 1 January 2024, disposable packaging will be a thing of the past on Radboud University's campus, and that means disposable cups will also disappear. In 2022, we used around 320,000 of them across campus. And that while in the same year we already saved 160,000 disposable cups by using Billie Cups! That is why the following will soon apply to all employees on campus: bring your own cup.

This means that from now on you provide your own cup. You bring your own cup from home or use a Billie Cup. You can take these home again or leave them at work and wash them in between uses.

The department and employees are jointly responsible for ensuring that there are enough reusable cups for the department. A sustainable solution is to let employees bring excess cups from home. By collecting cups together as a department (more than one per person), you ensure that there are always enough cups, both for employees and visitors. 

More and more departments switching to sustainable reuse

This concept has already been introduced in several buildings on campus. The rest of the buildings will follow in the coming months:

  • Grotius (from 1 November)
  • Felix (from 1 December)
  • Logistics centre (from 1 December)
  • Transitorium (from 1 December)
  • Comenius building (1 January 2024 at the latest)
  • TVA 1 (1 January 2024 at the latest)
  • Erasmus building (1 January 2024 at the latest)
  • Maria Montessori building (1 January 2024 at the latest)

Help out! 

Do you notice a shortage of reusable mugs or cups in your department? Then check your cupboard at home to see if there are a few mugs you never use and bring them to work. 
The environmental impact of the disposable cups we use every year is significant. Therefore, it is important that we all contribute to this step towards a sustainable campus. 

Contact information

Do you have questions about the phasing out of disposable packaging or the 'bring your own cup' policy? If so, please contact Food & Beverage: supportfb-cf [at]

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