persoon met brief en pestwoorden op de rug
persoon met brief en pestwoorden op de rug

Bullying in the workplace, now what?

Wednesday 19 April is the Day Against Bullying. A good time to reflect on what happens in your workplace.

Bullying is not just something for children; it also happens among adults. In the workplace, bullying is more common than you think. More than half a million people say they are bullied at work, 100 000 of them on a structural basis, at least once a week for at least six months. 

Of course you should be able to make jokes between colleagues. But when those jokes are regularly at the expense of the same colleague, you no longer call it teasing, but bullying. Structural bullying can lead to serious health issues. That should never be the intention.

Examples of bullying

  • insulting, swearing, cursing
  • imitating and ridiculing someone
  • deliberately excluding and ignoring
  • gossiping
  • making remarks about someone's personal life
  • break things

What can you do?

If unacceptable things happen, know that you can turn to various types of help and support within the university, such as a confidential counsellor or an HR officer. You can also go here if you see a colleague being bullied. It is important to speak out.

help and support

Code of conduct

Radboud University wants to offer its employees an inspiring, pleasant and safe working environment. Here, people of different nationalities and backgrounds meet and work together. To provide principles for staff behaviour, Radboud University's Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct is a framework for acting with integrity.

Code of Conduct

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