Collage Investment Day
Collage Investment Day

Call for abstracts Radboudumc Investment Day

Could your research transform Life Science and Health? Enter the Radboudumc poster competition to showcase your work to top investors and entrepreneurs on 9 October 2024. Submit your abstract by 1 July, and connect with key industry leaders!

Can your research make an impact on the Life Science and Health industry? Do you want to present it to entrepreneurs and investors in the field to improve your idea and work on your marketing strategy? Then you might be eligible for the Radboudumc poster competition! This competition focuses on how to translate the research into products and services, the market, and entrepreneurship. The 12 most successful posters will be displayed during the Radboudumc Investment Day on 9 October 2024 and the winner will get social media exposure and win a cheque for € 2,500,-! The Radboudumc Investment Day is a unique platform for researchers to engage with investors and entrepreneurs, showcasing the societal value of our research and facilitating technology transfer. Because it is an invite-only event, everyone you will meet there can help your research make an impact, therefore it allows for the perfect network opportunity to exchange ideas on potential collaborations for future entrepreneurship. After all, impact is created through research x entrepreneurship. 

“The feedback and insights from experts in both research and entrepreneurship were invaluable.” – Lars Boogaard, poster competition winner 2023 

If you think your research can make an impact, submit your abstract answering the following questions (max. 350 words) using the application form below: 

  • What is the innovative idea or technology? 
  • What potential impact could it have on health or healthcare? 
  • What are the key assumptions and risks involved? 

Nominations can be submitted to Heleen de Jong by sending an email to heleen.dejong [at] (heleen[dot]dejong[at]ru[dot]nl) before 1 July 2024, 9 am. If you are selected to prepare a poster, you will be invited to the event and asked to submit your poster to us by 9 September.

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More information? Please get in touch with heleen.dejong [at] (Heleen de Jong).

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