Reading aloud at Kletskoppen Festival
Reading aloud at Kletskoppen Festival

Call for demos Kletskoppen Child Language Festival

The Kletskoppen team is organising a new edition of the Kletskoppen Child Language Festival at central library De Mariënburg in Nijmegen on 18 February 2024. To make this new edition a success, we’re looking for researchers from CLS, MPI, BSI, Donders and RICH to present their research on language and language development to kids and their families.

The core of the festival is a science market where children (aged 2-12) and their (grand)parents can discover the science behind language learning and communication. For this market to be interesting, exciting and diverse we’re looking for researchers from CLS, MPI, BSI, Donders and RICH to present research on language and language development. This can be research that focuses specifically on child language, or research on language in general to be presented in a way suitable for children. If you have research that you’d like to share or that is specifically relevant to this audience, we’d love you to take part in this event! To keep the public interested, it’s important that we don’t simply repeat what we’ve done already,  so we’d like to encourage you to come up with some new demos (or modified or improved versions of demos you presented at an earlier Kletskoppen activity). For the festival to remain innovative, we’re looking for a healthy mix of old(er) and new!

We're seeking three types of contributions:

  1. Interactive science demonstrations: showcase part of an experiment, a video, game, or other fun description of your research at a demo table or in a small group setting. Don’t forget that it’s also possible to collect data, too!
  2. Children’s lecture (kindercollege): short presentation of language research for a larger group of children and parents than at a demo. This lecture should be more than just a talk. Think in terms of an interactive quiz or game (e.g. Ren je rot!).
  3. General volunteering: if you want to participate in Kletskoppen but don’t have a demo handy, you can volunteer to help in some other way (info/exit desk, setting up, helping others out with demos, location manager, catering, etc.)

If you are interested in any of these options, please let us know by filling out the form below. You don’t need to have all the details of your demo finalised but we’d like to know that you want to participate so that we can plan ahead. If you would like to participate with a demo but find it difficult to come up with a creative idea, or just want help with developing your demo, please let us know. We will organise a brainstorm session with an expert in science communication to help get you started.

Please fill out the form before October 1st. The available space at the library is limited, so in case of a large response we might have to make a selection.

Contact information

Please sign up via the form mentioned above.

Questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via productie [at]

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