Closing cycling and walking paths for climate-adaptive water management

Part of Willem Nuyenslaan and Pieter Bondam Square will be closed to cyclists and pedestrians from 23 January until summer. The closures are necessary due to works to improve water drainage on campus. The paths will be cordoned off on both sides and directional signs at the site will indicate the diversions. The loading and unloading area for suppliers at the rear of the Erasmus Building will remain accessible during the works.

The closures will take place in the marked area on the map. Signs on site indicate the diversion.

Tijdelijke afsluiting fiets- en wandelpaden

Climate-adaptive water management

Due to climate change, rainstorms are increasing in intensity, requiring adaptations to the campus' water management. The existing drainage system is inadequate to cope with the discharge of increasing amounts of water in a short period of time. This was evident in 2021 when a huge downpour caused damage in the just-completed Maria Montessori building. The disconnection of the rainwater discharge from the sewerage system, which also drains 'dirty' water, should prevent flooding and damage to buildings in the future. Water management on the campus will be improved in phases.

Drainage of rainwater to wadis in the woods

Campus & Facilities will start draining the Erasmus Building, Thomas van Aquinostraat 1 and the College Hall Complex. Rainwater from the roofs of these buildings will be conveyed to lowered areas, the wadis, in the woods near the Berchmanianum by means of a newly constructed drain. Excess rainwater will be collected in the wadi, where it will slowly sink into the soil.