Groep studenten in overleg
Groep studenten in overleg

Colleagues share their 'Good Practice' in new TIP Exchange List

Innovative teaching ideas are constantly being put into practice in our faculty. But how exactly do fellow lecturers design their courses? What are the results of their innovations? And what tips do they have for their colleagues? Drop by the new TIP Exchange List and get inspired!

The new Teaching Information Point (TIP) Exchange List can be found from now on at the top of the stairs leading to Grand Café de Iris. This list highlights a 'Good Practice' of a teacher from our faculty every month. Read, for instance, how Anneke Maas encourages active participation by dividing students into small groups, how Saskia Glas saw the quality of essays improve by using Peer Feedback, or how Robin van Rijthoven ensures that all his students get their turn with a cup full of ice cream sticks. 

Good Practice

The name 'Good Practice' was deliberately chosen instead of 'Best Practice'. The aim of the exhibition is to shift the focus from perfect course design to a 'just good' course that we can all learn from. Together, students and staff have chosen six themes within which we can further improve teaching at our faculty. Each 'Good Practice' contains one of these six key themes: 

  • Creating variation in teaching methods 
  • Strengthening collaborative learning 
  • (Re)developing challenging working groups 
  • Strengthening self-direction and autonomy 
  • Improving Blended Learning 
  • Formative practice in courses 

Awarded fund for educational innovation

Some of the highlighted 'Good Practices' were funded by the Educational Quality Funds (Onderwijskwaliteitsmiddelen). Do you also have ideas for a small-scale improvement or innovation in your education? You can still apply for extra time or assistance until 1 May 2024. 

Curious? All 'Good Practices' can already be viewed on the Brightspace channel FSW Teachers. Do you have an idea or 'Good Practice' you would like to share, or do you know a colleague we really need to interview? Then send an email to tip.fsw [at] (tip[dot]fsw[at]ru[dot]nl). 

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