Portret van Bert Steenbergen
Portret van Bert Steenbergen

Column Bert Steenbergen: Active Resolutions?

On 19th November, we could once again enjoy a true Nijmegen tradition: the 7-Heuvelenloop (7-Hills-Run). This year, our Social Sciences team participated and finished as the best team from Radboud University. To be fair, only two teams from Radboud University took part, but still...

A national tradition in December is to start thinking about good intentions and resolutions for the coming year. Invariably, the list of good intentions includes things like exercising more, living healthier and losing weight, stressing less, and enjoying yourself more. This usually requires a change in behaviour and habits and, above all, perseverance. There is a lot of knowledge about this within the Faculty of Social Sciences, such as how social networks are of great value for long-term, lasting behavioural change. This knowledge, combined with good intentions, will be researched and put into practice in 2024, starting on Wednesday 10th, January at 12:30 for a little run in beautiful Heumensoord, which will become a once-a-fortnight practice. Showers are available in our Maria Montessori building so that we can get back to work fresh and fruity afterwards. Everyone is hereby invited to participate; a simple email to me is enough for this. 

Incidentally, in the distant past at the NICI (now DCC), a bell often sounded at lunchtime: time to play volleyball! This tradition has unfortunately been lost, but the good news is that the volleyball court has been upgraded and now even has a permanent net. Perhaps another nice resolution for 2024 is to start using this pitch again?

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The ‘winning’ Radboud University team

from left to right: Joeri, Hidde, Kwan, Bert, Nienke, Ron, Carlijn, and Elske

Zevenheuvenloop team FSW

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