Portret van Gwendolyn Hermans
Portret van Gwendolyn Hermans

Column Gwendolyn Hermans: Showered with compliments

The other day we had an event with the faculty office, there I was affectionately called "little student" by someone. My response, of course, was "without a student, there is no faculty". Agreeing noises rang out and lots of laughter. I recognise this positivity from my past year as a student-assessor. A lot has happened, there were beautiful moments and certainly also difficult ones. It is nice to see that we are there for each other in these moments.

What I did learn this year is that we should give each other more compliments. We have already made a good start on this during an away-day for professors. Let us all take this further. As students, give a compliment to someone from the support staff, and as an Associate Professor give a compliment to an Assistant Professor. Together we ensure that the faculty remains a nice place.

It is important that we keep an eye on each other, even in difficult moments. So give each other a compliment, even if it's a small one, it might just be what the other person needs. 

I will start right away. I am proud of everyone I had the opportunity to work with this year, either student or staff member, thanks to you I had a fantastic year, thank you for that.

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