Portret van Peter Berentsen
Portret van Peter Berentsen

Column Peter Berentsen: Reflecting on my year as a Student Assessor

As my year as a student assessor comes to an end, I realise how much I have learned—not only about our wonderful faculty, but also about myself, social safety, and so much more. Serving as a full board member, you gain a lot of insights. This is often interesting, but sometimes quite challenging. Our faculty has also faced some challenges over the past year. Yet, there were always people ready to support each other, to commit to the faculty, and to think through complex issues together. This sense of unity is something we can all be proud of.

In my position, I participated in numerous working groups, committees, and other participational bodies. I did this because I found everything so interesting and wanted to make the most of my year as a student assessor. For example, I was part of the Social Safety project team, where I helped organise the 'Eye for Each Other Week'. Additionally, I was involved in the sustainability committee, where we realised a clothing market, sustainability competition, and free mini library. I also gave presentations, judged theses, and collaborated with the Faculty Student Council over the past year.

I consider my year as a student assessor to be a success. Therefore, I would like to thank everyone I have worked with this year. Thank you for the good atmosphere, the dedication and collaboration, the valuable conversations and discussions, and especially for the mutual respect. I have learned an incredible amount, thanks in part to the pleasant way we interact within this faculty. The insights I have gained about our faculty this year make me even prouder to be part of the Faculty of Social Sciences as a student (and perhaps one day again as a staff member!).

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