Copyright in Education: information stand

On 18 October from noon to 1:30 pm, the Library of Science will be in the hall of the Huygens Building to provide information about copyright in education. The university has an agreement whereby sharing publications in educational material is allowed under certain conditions.


A brief summary of these conditions can be found in the PDF below. Importantly, short acquisitions should never exceed 40 pages and a maximum of 20% of the entire work. So one article of only a few pages on an entire journal issue is often allowed. The rules apply to both printed and digital materials.
Note: source citation is always required, even when sharing an open access publication!

Easy Access

This so-called 'Easy Access arrangement' has been arranged between all universities in the Netherlands and the UvO Foundation (Stichting Uitgeversorganisatie voor Onderwijslicenties). The foundation carries out random checks. When the arrangement is not met, the price goes up for all universities.

Questions & presentation

On 17 October, you can come to the information stand with all your questions about copyright. We will also give a presentation on this topic on 14 November , please sign up through this website. Of course, you can always email or walk in to the Library of Science. We are happy to help you!

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