Courses for PhD candidates at the Faculty of Science

As part of the Graduate School programme, all PhD candidates can participate in the following three courses.

These courses are available for all PhD candidates within the Faculty of Science and can be joined faculty-wide.

Courses Trainer / Lecturer Study load
Basic Didactic Skills
PhD-candidates in the Faculty of Science are often engaged in teaching activities, like individual supervision and small group teaching (practicals, tutorials, exercise classes etc.). In this course, you will learn about the basics of teaching in a workgroup or practical setting and during internship supervision.
Lennert van Tilburg 12 hrs.
Scientific Ethics and Integrity
Scientific integrity is high on the agenda of universities these days. There is a perception that the number of scientific scandals is on the rise, that the image of science is getting under additional pressure because of this, and that strict measures and procedures are needed. And how do scientists themselves understand and conceptualise concepts like ‘integrity’, ‘misconduct’, ‘good science’.
Luca Consoli 12 hrs.
Find, manage and publish academic literature
The Library of Science has constructed a course regarding searching, finding, managing, reusing and publishing scientific literature. Besides the basics, we also address Open Access and Research Data Management, since these topics are becoming more and more important for the visibility and dissemination of the outcome of your research.
Marieke van der Eerden 12 hrs.


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